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The Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our lives and the way we do business.

The Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our lives and the way we do business.

In 1997, Deep Blue defeated the chess master Gary Kasparov.

A few years later, the IBM Watson played Jeopardy against the two best humans in the game and won. It was quite an achievement; Jeopardy is much more complex for a machine to play than chess, as it requires deeper thinking.

In 2018, the AI from Google outsmarted the best humans in the Chinese game Go, which is known as the most difficult game humans created and it requires intuition.

The modern AI structures itself in a way similar to the human brain and it learns much similar to how children learn. The method is called deep reinforcement learning. The potential is limitless!

The AI is going to be embedded in our lives. It will augment us in a deeper and deeper level.

These improvements made AI smarter and able to perform a number of human activities, for example, diagnosing a disease, translating languages, providing customer services and it is improving fast. Fighting against this tendency is useless. We have to be smart and learn how to make a better use of this potential.

There are a number of application where the AI collaborate with humans. Through such collaborative intelligence, humans and AI actively enhance each other´s complementary strengths.

Things simple as making a joke are natural to people, but very complex for machines and what is straightforward for machines, analyzing gigabytes of data, remains virtually impossible for humans.

Some examples of successful human – machine collaboration are shown below.

To make use of the potential of the human – machine collaboration, humans must develop new skills and working procedures might need some adjustments, so far only a few companies managed to achieve that.

How do you see the future of human – machine collaboration?

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